Forming the Forms

So we have been waiting and waiting and W-A-I-T-I-N-G for “them” to REALLY get started with the house. The papers are signed, the colors are picked, we are neck deep in getting our current home ready to sell, and all we’ve seen is a construction road and culverts go in.

BUT, TOMORROW they are supposed to set the forms for our foundation. At 7:00 a.m. Which means we will leave here at 6:00 to make sure they set the forms, and therefore the house, in the right spot. Now Dolly has had her way with the Texas Gulf Coast, and Houston is no different. We’ve had two days of band after band after band of rain. Thundering rain, blowing rain, straight down rain, soft rain, hard rain, splattering rain, dumping rain, whispering rain. Forrest Gump’s got nothin’ on our rain. We do, however, according to the powers that be, have “perfect” soil. It is evidently 4-5 feet of sandy loam then clay. That means that water drains quickly. Let’s hope we are still on for tomorrow. If we aren’t, we will have all just had a nice early morning trip to the country.

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