Dinner with Friends

Today we had new carpet installed in our entire house except for the bathrooms and the kitchen. That means about 1300 square feet of carpet went in, and I can’t even tell you how it all happened. It took the guys who did it about four and a half hours during which time Tony and I moved all of Thad’s furniture and STUFF into Victoria’s room with her furniture and STUFF and all of OUR furniture and STUFF went into our closet, our bathroom, and Thad’s room after they finished his room and the closet. Then we re-moved all of Thad’s furniture and STUFF and all of Victoria’s furniture and STUFF into Thad’s room along with some of our stuff. There is VERY LITTLE left in our living room, so the carpet guys took care of that.

Why, then, did I entitle my post “Dinner with Friends?” Well, I had planned to meet some friends from my former school for dinner tonight. I very nearly called and cancelled, but decided I NEEDED to go. We were to meet at 5:30. The restaurant was about 15 minutes away. At 4:30 I pulled myself up off of my bedroom floor where I had taken a nap, unloaded the bathroom so I could get to the shower, got clean, went downstairs to the garage to get my blow dryer, went into the powder room in the kitchen and plugged in the blow dryer behind the rolled up 5’x8′ rug, then had Tony come and move the mattress so I could get shoes out of the closet. Then I left.

I was about 5 minutes late, and the poor waiter had to wait ANOTHER 45 minutes for us to order as we were chat-chat-chatting. You know how THAT is. Then we ate and laughed and gossiped (yes, we DID even though I don’t normally recommend it, but I HAD to know what all was going on at my old school) and ate and laughed some more. It re-energized me so much that I came home and put our bed together (frame in our bathroom, mattress and box-springs in Thad’s room, bed slats in the linen closet) so we won’t have to join the kids on a pallet on the floor tonight. I threw some fresh sheets into the deal, so I’m pretty excited about bed.

Right now I’m debating whether or not I need to go ahead and vaccuum up all of the carpet fuzz the kids managed to kick up tonight. Odds are against it.

Tomorrow I have a workshop, which I would normally HATE the thought of, HOWEVER I am looking upon it as an opportunity to sit still for several hours and not have to do ANYTHING–including listen. As Alexander said in Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. . .”They can make me BUY them, but they can’t make me WEAR them.”

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3 thoughts on “Dinner with Friends

  1. You’re such a rebel. What with your gossip and your inattention. 😉 I’m glad you escaped the madness. And made a bed for yourself. Beds are important.

    Is the new house supposed to be done before school starts? It seems like everything’s happening at once for you guys.

  2. The new house will NOT be ready before school starts. We were originally given a move in date of late December. . .but it could be late January depending on when they pour the slab and weather. Getting a slab poured is the first big deal–then getting the roof on is the next big deal. Everything is happening all at once because we waited until school was out to refurbish this house. . .there was just NO STINKIN’ WAY it was going to get done in the school year.

    And, low, school approacheth.

    After the carpet guys left yesterday, there was such a feeling of accomplishment. Tile, paint, and carpet were our BIGGIES for this summer. Of course, we have a storage unit that is almost full and Tony has logged in several hours as a fix-it guy, but all of the HUGE things are done. Now we just have to get everything back where it belongs by Wednesday for the real estate gal to take photos and put this puppy on the market.

    We were hoping to have the house on the market by mid-July, but that didn’t happen. If it sells quickly enough, then we will move into an apartment until our new house is ready.

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