Coming up for air

So, last week was a busy one. After making it through the weekend of NOT going home, and the meeting on Monday with our site manager AND his boss regarding the “situation” of our lot, and many, many phone calls, I got to see my brother on Tuesday. And then he got to see our lot–and his niece and nephew. Then Wednesday, we left for Louisiana where a good time was had by all–we ate the kids played with their cousins and at my sister’s house on her trampoline and in her above ground pool and MaMaw fed us all we could eat. Then yesterday we came home (Victoria and I cried), and today we helped Tony’s parents in the BLAZING Houston heat, but now THAT is done.

Tonight we have discussed how old we are, and a little flying bug has terrorized me while I was trying to catch up with all of your blogs.

Tomorrow I will stay in bed until I’m good and ready to get out. Tomorrow night we are taking the kids to their first ever Astros game. Wednesday we have a workshop at school, then NEXT Monday Tony and I go back full time. The kids come on the August 25th. Stick a fork in our summer, folks. It’s done.

At the end of summer past, I’ve often wondered what happened to it. This year, I can make a detailed list of what happened to it. For that fact, I can make a detailed list of what has happened to 2008.

First item on that list:

1. 2008 has eaten my lunch
2. And had me for dessert

Hopefully by the end of this week we will know the $$$ amount to fix the lot issues and I will post photos of our “Sell This House” model home.

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2 thoughts on “Coming up for air

  1. So! Wonderful! that you got to see your family, play, eat, and relax!

    Have fun at the game and root, root for the home team! I’m rooting for You 🙂

  2. I was just wondering last night if the new school year had come along and gobbled you up, but it hasn’t quite yet, and you are sleeping in and seeing lovely kinfolk and planning fun family outings. That’s very good. I hope 2009 turns out to be a big, fluffy puppy compared to this year.

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