My Sweet Boy

Today Thad went with me to run errands. We dropped Victoria off at a Back To School party, then went to get his hair cut. After that, he SO PATIENTLY (and I’m not kidding) let me clothes shop for Victoria at Wal-Mart. She needed some shorts. He DID complain of his feet hurting, but that was all. When we finally got to the check out line, we were thirsty and starving–it was 1:00. I mentioned that the plant I had bought needed a drink. Thad said he was thirsty too. A few minutes later he said, “Mommy, is there a water fountain here?” We were very near the restroom at the front of the store, so I pointed to the water fountain and told him I could see him while he ran to get a drink.

Rather than taking off to the fountain, however, he picked up my plant. He took my plant to get its drink. . .and didn’t get one for himself.

What a sweet boy I have.


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