Once Upon a Time There was a Lovely Plot of Land

Because I know that you are ALL so interested in the minute details of our home that we are having built. . .Ahem. . .

After our initial visit with the site manager and his boss, the regional manager, and more than few tears by me in front of them both, they SAW that Tony and I had done all that we could to let EVERYONE know that there was still STUFFAGE in our dirt. They went to talk to their boss, the vice president. And then our site manager went on vacation. And then we went to see my mom. And then we got back and took the kids to an Astros game (where we saw our first ever, in person, grand slam homerun), and then we went to a workshop and AFTER the workshop our site manager called and said, “It is going to cost THIS 4-figure-nearing-5-figure number to undo what we already did, pull out all the dirt, sift it, put it back in, compact it, then redo what we already did.”

I cried some more. And Tony and I BOTH told him that was a little ridiculous and that we were happy to pay for OUR dirt, but we very, very, very fervently felt that they needed to pay for all they had put ATOP our dirt.

And so he had the vice president call me, and we met with him yesterday morning at 8:30. He told us what he knew, then we told him what we knew, then he said, “You are right. We should take care of our stuff and you should pay for your stuff. Let It Be Done.” And it was done, and all was right with the world EXCEPT that now we (sort of) start all over again. BUT we are at a Much More Manageable 4-figure number than we were before.

I will tell you that absolutely NO tempers were lost. NO harsh words were said. Very FEW accusations were made (and the ones that were made were not harsh). If you need to build a house in a very LARGE portion of south Texas, let me direct you to Design Tech Homes. They are a class act, and, although we have had what Tony calls a “bump in the road” and what I call “a huge pothole that rearranged our transmission and our teeth”, everything was handled with the utmost of logic, respect, and timeliness. Let us hope this continues so that I do not have to print a retraction.

The End.


3 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time There was a Lovely Plot of Land

  1. Stephanie

    He’s not VP for nothing, I would imagine. He probably knows that “logic, respect, and timeliness” is smart business.

    Still a bummer about the bump in the road. All this will just make the day when you finally are finished, sitting on your new front porch, having a delicious iced tea, listening to the quiet and the birds twitter, all that much sweeter 🙂

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