Little Joan Marie is Sick

So, I told you about Joan the other day. . .and her little finger got worse. First thing Monday they took her to the doctor AGAIN where she was diagnosed with staph. She was already on oral antibiotics, so she was admitted to Texas Children’s Hospital immediately. Her stay will be 7-30 days depending on whether or not it is a drug resistant strain. Having done the NICU dance with both of my babies (6 days with Victoria and 3 with Thad), I know that Kathleen is frantic and tired and probably a little ticked off at the world. At least I was.

There are several blessings in that her mom was already here for the month, and we have such great hospitals here. But she just had a c-section, and she wants her baby home, and she is worried about the one that is already at home. Please pray for Joan, her parents Mike and Kathleen, and big brother Patrick who is 4. Pray also for Grandmother Mary who is in charge of Patrick. 🙂

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