Update on Joan

Well, they have determined which antibiotics are NOT effective on Joan’s strain of staph, so now they can give her the one that is. She is in “isolation” which means a private room. This is good since Kathleen (mom) can have her own sleeping area and bathroom as opposed to the general sleeping quarters/waiting room/public restroom. Because the baby is so tiny, her veins are not sustaining the IV’s very well. They will have to put in a central line as early as tomorrow, and that will involve anesthesia. Also this strain of staph evidently “likes” to get into bones, so they will have to do ANOTHER x-ray as the one the other day is now void since they’ve figured out the actual strain of staph.

She is still eating well and gaining weight, so other than the fact that she has a life threatening infection, she’s living the life of a newborn. 🙂 Please, please keep them in your prayers as I know you are.

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