Best Laid Plans

Oh. . .I had WONDERFUL plans to show you MONTHS of photos that we didn’t get put on the computer this summer due to the fact that the hard drive was WAY too small and the wouldn’t fit. So I finally got them on the computer and had Titles of Blogs all running around in my mind tra-la.

Alas, the photo editing program has not been loaded back onto the computer yet, so there is just NO STINKIN’ WAY I can get photos to you as they must be resized and saved, etc.

Maybe next weekend.

For now, the form has been reset on the house, and we watched at the plumbers put the plumbing BACK in yesterday. We are hopeful that a slab is just around the corner if Ike doesn’t come our way and ruin even MORE plans.

Please say a prayer for Becky over at How It Fits. She just had #5, and everyone is thrilled with cute, sweet, Baby Ella, but 5 means that 1 mommy is WAY outnumbered. . .even when grandparents are on their way.

While you’re at it, please continue to pray for Kathleen and Joan. Joan has at least one more week in the hospital, and Kathleen finished her course of antibiotics today. As you can imagine, having your newborn in the hospital the first 4 weeks of her life is not how one wants to begin that particular relationship. . .especially when there is a big brother at home and schedules can’t be set and nursing had to be halted and started and halted. . .add to that some “friends” of the family who are in the same neighborhood and who attend the same church and mother’s day out basically treating Kathleen, and therefore Patrick, as though they have @IDS. There are seriously people who will not be in the same room with either of them because Kathleen had a staph infection, and these are not folks who have weakened immune systems or are being treated for cancer or @IDS themselves. . .just regular folk who are having a knee-jerk reaction to something that many of us come in contact with on a daily basis without even knowing it. Kathleen even had been feeling guilty for “letting” us come to see them when she knew the baby had an infected finger–even though she DIDN’T know if was staph. I told Kathleen that my children had been in and out of surgical areas and hospitals–as had I–the entire time Daddy was here (not to mention the bathrooms in a public school) and that I felt seeing her in their house was much safer than that. AND I hope Ms. You-Are-Infected-With-Staph-You-Are-A-Leper does not have anyone enter the hospital or Dr.’s office where this strain of staph is rampant ’cause it’s WAY more dangerous there than on the playground at Mother’s Day Out.

All of this combined has left Kathleen feeling more than a little blue and out of sorts.

Off to face another week of 8th graders. At least I got a GOOD nap.


3 thoughts on “Best Laid Plans

  1. Stephanie

    Lurking in me, here’s a wee bit of passive aggression that wants to send my cold sore-d son over to kiss all those mothers day out mommies on the lips. mua-ha-ha…. but, I shall refrain.

    Yay for poured slabs and naps and 8th graders. I really am digging my own awesome 8th grader 🙂 I think all those kids need is a big hug and a wet willy!

  2. There’s this thing called handwashing that covers all that stuff. I am so sorry for your friend. She already is sad to be apart from her child. I hope they can be together and at home very soon.

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