Post-Ike Update

Still me — Sarah. Talked to Roxanne again today. I just KNEW she would be in Louisiana, where I would be if I had no air conditioning, internet, laundry capability (we THINK we hate it — try living without it!), or ice! Nope! She is still right there in Houston with no power. They seemed to be having a grand adventure, cooking all of the food from their freezer and sharing it with the neighbors (they have a gas stove). This morning was sausage and biscuits, tonight it was meatballs and fish. She wasn’t sure what type of cuisine that would be classified as, other than disaster cooking. They had actually been … somewhere, some station, not sure .. and gotten ice and she was most happy since she has been slurping warm Diet Coke for 3 days (oh, you aren’t addicted enough if you think you wouldn’t in the same situation).

Her school district — where both she and her husband teach AND her children attend — has been canceled for at least the remainder of the week. Which, she concedes, would be much more fun if she had electricity, but they are definitely ‘making do’. They light candles — the ones students have given her over the years that she hated the way they smelled — in the evenings, play a game or two of ‘Apples to Apples’ (which I hear is great fun but still haven’t played) then turn in, all windows open. She said the weather hasn’t been too bad this week after a cool front brought temperatures down to tolerable.

Her husband’s parents do have electricity, so they are considering a load or two of laundry over there, since they are getting to the bottom of clean things. As I mentioned (I think) in the earlier post, they do have clean, running water, and gas for the stove (and I guess for hot water for showers? not sure). Roxanne’s comment was, “Electricity is a luxury, clean water is a necessity.” To which I say, “Whatever, dude.” I, personally, wasn’t cut out to be a pioneer woman, but if ever I need to make it post-natural disaster, I’m going to live with Roxanne.

I’ll fill you in as I hear more!


3 thoughts on “Post-Ike Update

  1. Stephanie

    Oh, I’ve played that game, Apples to Apples. It is fun! Can’t say I’m in the Addicted To Diet Coke Club, though. Blegh!

    I talked to Roxanne today also. She’s charging her cell phone in the car and has been reading a lot 🙂

  2. Well, geez! I leave the computer alone for a few days and everybody gets blown over. I can definitely empathize with the pioneering and disaster cooking. But not the lack of ice. Our pioneering seems to go hand in hand with an overwhelming surplus of ice. We’ll be praying for lights and air soon. And no school, for a few days anyway. 😉

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