Roxanne for Roxanne

I am at a friend’s house doing laundry. There are pockets around that have power, but our pocket is still powerless. As of this morning, we heard possibly Monday for electricity for us. Sarah has done a great job of keeping you updated. And I did, indeed, say that power is a luxury and water (including sewer) is a necessity. . .and still believe it to be true. We are happy to have gas for hot water and cooking and showers, and gas stations and grocery stores around where we can get ice. That is we can NOW get ice. We didn’t see hide nor hair of even one little ice cube between Saturday and Wednesday. Luke-warm water is one thing, people, but as I cracked open my luke-warm bottle of Diet Coke, Tony, knowing how I LOATHE drinking warm soft drinks, raised an eyebrow as if to say, “You have sunk to an all time low, dear.” My reply? “Desperate times call for desperate measures.”

Thank you for all of your well-wishes and thoughts and prayers. They at least influenced the weather. It has been gloriously cool and dry. The night of the hurricane we had power until about 3:30 a.m. It was stuffy for most of that day because we couldn’t open windows until the rain had passed. It was coming from a different direction every minute. After it DID pass, it was abysmally hot. The weatherman was discussing the dew point (which is what determines humidity.) He said, “Sixty is sticky, seventy is sultry, eighty is AWFUL, and we’re at seventy-nine.” It was, needless to say, BAD. But the cool front came through, so we’ve been fine ever since.

Meanwhile, I’m off to see if the rumor is true that FEMA will fully reimburse the cost of a generator if you are without power for 5 days. More than anything, I’d like to have a refrigerator–the one luxury besides air-conditioning that I miss.

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7 thoughts on “Roxanne for Roxanne

  1. Yes, FEMA will reimburse you. You may not get a check for a while. Plus, FEMA will come to your house later if you had damage. Keep track of how much food was wasted due to loss of power, too. Keep track of every expense at this point. FEMA will pay for some and your insurance company the other. It will just take a while to get a payment, especially with all the claims. Even if you had to buy a chain saw, FEMA or insurance may pay for that. Just keep all of your receipts and make notes.

    I can’t remember which one pays for what, but I remember getting reimbursed for many things I thought were a loss.

    Southern Baptists are there with ice and hot meals. I will see if I can find which locations they are at and pass it on. Hot meals are for anyone.

  2. PS- What I meant was that a FEMA rep. will come by and assess damage later, kind of like an insurance claims rep. You just have to contact them at some point. It could take weeks for that.

  3. Glad to hear you are still alive and not having to suffer through any more lukewarm diet cokes.

    Let me know if there is anything you need. I have electricity.

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