Bless her. . .

I have been friends with Sarah for a long, long time. Long. Time. While hurricane Ike was visiting my neck of the Gulf coast, Sarah had a birthday. I didn’t send her a card. She, however, has come up with the best list of 39 wisdoms to celebrate her years on the planet, and I can’t say it any better than she did.

I CAN say that all those years ago when God flung us into Ms. Mallis’s class together, He did it because He loved us and He knew we needed each other. Sarah says “bless” a lot as in: bless him, bless her, bless his/her/their heart. I don’t know if she realizes how much she really does that–blessing us all I mean.

She is a gift and a treasure.

Love you, S–.


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2 thoughts on “Bless her. . .

  1. Oh, bless indeed! What sweet words — if I can be remembered as anything, to bless others would be a good start. And that cake? I clappity clap my hands at that cake — it is Bee-you-tee-full, and won’t cause my rear to spread out any more! It’s been one wild ride, hasn’t it? 🙂

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