Candy Crazies. . .Otherwise known as Halloween

There is a first year teacher/first time mommy next door to me at school. Today after our 8th graders were BOUNCING OFF THE WALLS from candy contraband contamination snuck into school under the cover of backpacks she said, "I don't even want to imagine what it's like to have Halloween on a day other than …

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Thad and the Transformers Save the Pilgrims Re-Post

Originally posted October, 2006 To engender more autumnal holiday cheer (and 'cause I liked 'em), I bought these Aren't they cute. . .all nesting and the like. So, I get them out to let the kids play with them today. . .then we have 2 soccer games, etc. They are both loving soccer, but watching …

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Things I Hate

Actually there's not much in this world that I DO hate. Misquitos. . .warm soft drinks. . .people traveling 70+ MPH who don't use their blinkers. . .yet at the tippy top of my list of things I really, truly detest would be bra shopping. That's right. I cannot STAND shopping for bras. In fact, …

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