We have sunk to an ALL TIME LOW, America

This is a photograph that just popped up on my news browser on my computer. I agree that Sarah Palin has lovely taste in shoes, but we are in a political crisis here. . .and WHERE, pray-tell, is a photo of Joe Biden’s wingtips?


Guess what. . .there was ANOTHER one. . .a CLOSE UP. If it weren’t so hilarious, I’d be ticked off.

Can you BELIEVE THIS????? I think the glass from the ceiling just fell on us.


14 thoughts on “We have sunk to an ALL TIME LOW, America

  1. Well, if I may play devil’s advocate, for just a moment.
    1. Now these pictures are here on your blog, also.
    2. She chose to wear those attention-grabbing blood-red snake-skin shoes. She could have worn neutral matte black. Just sayin’.


  2. …and I was just thinking, also, from a purely artistic perspective, the image of those legs and shoes behind a VP debate podium is exactly one of the kinds of details I also would notice and photograph. I mean, it’s symbolic, and honestly, I kind of see this picture as a symbolic victory for women, in general.

  3. I kind of wonder if, from an artistic standpoint, that red carpet hurts anyone else’s eyes. That is HIDEOUS. Where do they even manufacture that? And I, personally, am impressed that she isn’t rolling a foot over like I would when I’m nervous.

  4. I don’t think I’m lactating, that is. I do think, in general. Sometimes my mind wanders all over the place. It’s relaxing.

    Oh, and I would also be rolling my foot over. Never have been a fan of standing for a long time in high heels.

  5. Well, while y’all have been over here having a party, I’ve been without internet service at school. But I AM able to get onto my blog today now that service is back on, so let me clarify. . .

    I’m just sayin’ that I find it a little insulting that they took a photograph of her shoes AND her legs, then put them up as though the shoes she had on her feet were one of the news worthy items of the evening. No one cared what tie or what shoes Joe Biden wore. . .and we normally only see THAT kind of scrutiny with First Ladies (bless their hearts–most of them.)

    I do not ever recall seeing a photograph of Hillary’s shoes (after her First Lady days). . .maybe because she never really wore skirts. . .or maybe because she didn’t have nice legs. . .or maybe because the people taking the pictures consider her a “real” politician and they don’t consider Sarah Palin a “real” politician.

    I’m not even trying to argue that either one is a real politician (nor did I watch the debate ’cause I’m tired of the whole stinkin’ thing–although I WILL vote). It’s just that my initial reaction was, “Why, on the evening of this historic event, do they have to photograph her shoes as though it matters? Have we not gotten any farther than that?”

    And it doesn’t really matter WHAT shoes she wore, ’cause whether they are red pumps or black pumps or hot pink pumps, someone will think it’s their job to give an opinion of her shoes BECAUSE SHE’S A WOMAN. As I told my friend Carolyn, they might as well have asked her to take her shoes off and cook something while she was debating.

    Of course, that’s just MY opinion.

  6. See, I was prepared to pick the glass from my eyes. People didn’t like Hillary to wear pants and now they don’t want Sarah to wear nice shoes.

    What’s next? Are Clinton and Stacy going to run on stage?

  7. No-one’ll notice when the global economy goes belly up. They’ll be too busy wondering where Obama got his suit from or why Palin picked “those” shoes to go with “that” outfit.
    Oh, wait…the global economy HAS gone belly up.
    If only the truly newsworthy was newsworthy!!
    (all tongue in cheek of course)
    Found you through This Ain’t New York 🙂

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