The Words, They Fail Me

But not enough to shut me up.

I am tired. I’m so tired, I’m tard. But Tony got our photo doo-hickey thing back on the computer tonight, and I CANNOT. STOP. EDITING. PHOTOS. I am sending this link to my mother, and she would tell me to “use your good, common sense and go to bed.” And I will, Momma, I promise, right after I add captions to all of these photos.

So. Ahem. Here we go.

This is a photo of two very happy people. It’s actually a photo of a photo because our new neighbor, Rick, took it since our camera died on our first trip to visit our slab. This was a mere 24 hours before Hurricane Ike came to christen our new slab, as well as the entire east Texas Gulf Coast.

Oh, but we are some happy, happy people.

And this is how the slab looked less than 48 hours later. . .all of the blurry stuff. . .that is STEAM, y’all, STEAM. I cannot even describe the oppressiveness, nor do I need to for all of you southerners. . .or rain forest dwellers. Blech.

And this is what happens when a hurricane dumps a boat load of rain onto piles of dirt, and you step into the hurricane sprinkled dirt. I very nearly lost a foot.

On the day we THOUGHT we were getting a frame, the children Secret Agents DISGUISED as children made sure to climb atop the stacks of lumber to protect it from any Would-Be-Attacking Ninjas that might seek to use our bounty for their HI-YAH chopping practice. Notice the boy’s form. He’s a natural.

This has NOTHING to do with a house and EVERYTHING to do with DNA. See my son. His hind end is barely one inch off the ground. He can sit like this FOR HOURS. I’ve seen him do it. He will even pivot on his feet WHILE IN THIS POSITION to reach something that is on his other side. His Daddy does the SAME EXACT thing. It is an amazement to me. JUST SIT DOWN ALREADY!!!

The Girl? She KNOWS how to sit. . .and smile for her Momma. None of this squatting nonsense. She’s sitting on the front edge of her room–right on top of where her window will be.

I think someone needs to sweep the front porch.

Do we REALLY need a roof on our house? I’m just not so sure. . .

X marks the spot. . .of the kid’s bathroom I think.

Do you hear the angel’s singing? Do you see the light shining down from heaven? It’s a frame.

Victoria’s Room.

Thad’s Room.

The front of the house from the garage side.

And, last night, just for fun, even though we didn’t have time, we slathered on some Deet and went to feed the misquitos and ourselves. . .our first meal in our new home.

And NOW I’m going to bed. ๐Ÿ™‚

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9 thoughts on “The Words, They Fail Me

  1. Wow. Wow. You and your people are building a house. And your kids will remember when it was just a slab in the woods. And they will bring their children to visit it someday and tell how they picnicked on the slab.

    I mentioned to Jason that you had a slab a while back, and he said, “For a house?”
    And I said, “Yeah!”
    And he was like, “How the heck are they building a house right now?”
    And I was like, “Dude! They planned for it, for like ten years!”
    And he was like, “Whoa.”
    And I was like, “I know!”
    So you guys are like our heroes now. Mayhaps someday ten years from now we’ll have ourselves a slab somewhere outside of Austin, or wherever it is we’re meant to stick a flag in the ground. And you will have inspired us from way out in cyberspace. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Thanks for sharing. Just two and a half years ago we went through the same (without children) experience. Birthing a house is a “family affair.”Enjoy every minute.

  3. Super fun. I am so excited for you guys. It looks like your house is making progress. I have to say, though, my favorite picture is the one of you and the “quicksand”.

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