Pomp and Circumstance. . .and the Temple of Doom. . .now with Bacon

(Are you a BIG enough Veggie Tales fan to “name that movie” for the last part of the title?)

This spring/summer while we were busy trying to get this house ready to sell and build another one (neither of which happened), our computer began to exhibit signs of severe stress. It became quite unruly when ASKED to do anything, and downright lazy when FORCED to do anything. A Catastrophic Failure was in the works. Meanwhile, lots of photo worthy things happened, and the computer flat REFUSED to store or edit any more pictures until we gave it an attitude adjustment in the form of two new hard drives. We are now all set, so I will foist the events upon you over the next couple of days.

We are doing text structure next week at school, so how ’bout we go in chronological order.

We begin with The Boy’s Graduation from Kindergarten. Here he is in the midst of a sea of blue. . .this is only two classes’ worth of kindergarteners. There are EIGHT kindergarten teachers at Thad’s elementary. It was a noisy proceeding to say the least.

His class was in the middle of the group, so he was searching for me.

“THERE she is!!!! Hi, Mom.”

What a good boy.

A REAL photograph after having to take pictures of him over, around, behind, under everyone. I cropped them close so they came out blurry, but here he is in all of his Pomp and Circumstance. . .with his POSTER board MORTAR board.

Shortly after that came the boy’s birthday. I told you about the Indiana Jones theme. I give you the photographic evidence of the joys of the day.

The Indiana Jones storage crate. . .

Check out the serial number. It has a hidden meaning.

One of the many treasures housed within.

Opening the lock to see what’s in the box.

Indie trusted Thad with everything from his hat to his satchel.

Into the kitchen to see his cake for the first time.

It looks like Indie is having some fungus problems, but it was SUPPOSED to be grass (hiding where I had to bury his feet in the frosting to keep him upright.)

Edible quicksand is the best kind of quicksand there is.

We also like edible altars to heathen idols. . .especially ones made of Twix and Whoppers. The idol was unclean. . .and ugly. . .and plastic. . .and therefore, not edible.

The OH-fficial picture of the Birthday Boy with the Birthday Cake.

Then on to the last day of swim lessons. . .

And Build A Bear with a friend. It was one busy day.


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