Let’s go to commercial

I cannot begin to tell you WHY over the past month I have managed to eat THREE boxes of this with very little help from my family.

I don’t have it all at once, mind you. I cannot even say that it is one of my favorite foods. We had it very few times when I was a child as Momma normally bought “the blue box”

and added extra cheese. But for some reason (and NO, I am NOT pregnant), I have been CRAVING this stuff. I’m hoping it ends soon, ’cause I just can’t justify it when my children can’t stand the stuff.

In other news, we are reading The Ransom of Red Chief by O. Henry in 8th grade this week. This is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE short stories EVER. If you are UNfamiliar with O. Henry the author, you are probably still FAmiliar with one of his best known stories, “The Gift of the Magi.”

If you’ve not read “The Ransom of Red Chief“, I encourage you to do so. It is HILARIOUS. The vocabulary will be challenging even for us logophiles out there because it was written at the turn of the century and O. Henry LOVES to use some big ‘ole words (in the first few paragraphs, you get hit with undeleterious, philoprogenitiveness, bas-relief, and brake. . .but not the kind on a car), but oh, it’s SO worth learning some new words. . .and even if you don’t, you will STILL “get” the story.

Go. Read. Enjoy.

EXTRA. . .and just because I’m listening to “The Ballad of Little Joe” (while the kids watch it) with THIS silly song, I give you “Boyz in the Sink.”


One thought on “Let’s go to commercial

  1. I was not a big reader until about 10 years ago – the reasons are likely related to being a child of two continents, languages, families, and about eleven different schools in twelve years (but that is a story for another time) – but now I am reading everything I can and feel like I am playing catch up. I think its so great that both my boys love to read and as soon as they finish one they start on another. I also love words and love learning the meaning of new ones for “harmless” and “bunny rabbit” (hehe!)
    So, what I’m saying, so pleonastically, is I love your posts where you write about books and what you are reading. I love love love it 🙂 More please.

    Now I’m off to enrich my day by reading The Ransom of Red Chief.

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