Double Digits: An impromptu theme

About 6 weeks after Thad turned 7, and 3 weeks after Tony turned 40, and 1 week BEFORE I turned 39, Victoria turned 10. She was born in July like her Daddy, but she’s a Leo like her Momma. . .not that we’re all that into astrology, but I find it interesting. Her birthday was on a Sunday this year, and she really wanted to take some friends to see the new American Girl movie, Kit, so we had her birthday early. Then, on her REAL birthday, we just had family over after church for lunch and cake. It was a nice way to turn 10.

She has had a number balloon every year, but there is no “10”, so I got creative.

A theme became evident as we took pictures of her birthday. . .can you guess what she likes?

Hmmmmmmm. . .

. . .wonder. . .

. . .what. . .

. . .it. . .

. . .is.

Thad’s first Cub Scout campout is tomorrow night, so he and his Daddy are headed to a campground. Victoria is having a “just ’cause” sleepover with four friends from school. We decided to invite them over on Tuesday. For the past two days, Victoria has been cleaning and straightening in her spare time. For instance, this morning she wiped the toothpaste out of the sink in her bathroom. Tonight, she cleaned off the table. All of this she did without me asking her to. I’m really proud of her taking the initiative to do it on her own because SHE wants the house to look nice when her friends come over.

I’m not trying to say that she is like that ALL of the time, but she is learning when we need help and figuring out how to do it. I’m really proud of her.

This year before school began, we went to do some things for 5th grade, and without thinking I said, “Next year you’ll be in Jr. High!!!” I immediately regretted my statement as tears sprang to my eyes before I could stop them. Where has the time gone? Why is it going faster? My only help is that she still looks like her baby self when she sleeps. If I could go back and do it again, I’d do it better. Thankfully, she’s turning out fine despite my missteps and mistakes. She’s still my sweet, angel baby, but she’s not a little girl anymore.

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5 thoughts on “Double Digits: An impromptu theme

  1. I did, indeed, make the cake. I told Melanie up there at the top of the comments that it is really NOT that hard. A friend from church showed me the barest of basics about 10 years ago, and I have expanded some disposable bags, paste food coloring, and a good cream cheese icing recipe into one of those “I should throw flour on my face and look exhausted” things. It takes time, but not a lot of skill to do what I do. I would be glad to teach any and ALL of you. Now, there are SOME cakes I’ve posted on here from “The Pink Cake Box” that are like fine art–that is where I know I’ve more than met my match and stand in awe.

  2. homemade cakes are the best, hands down. My mom made all my cakes, she and her sister (my aunt!) took some cake decorating class in the 70’s and that was that.
    No matter how they turn out, the love and thought and one-of-a-kindedness totally rocks!

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