Dem Bones, Dem Bones, Dem House Bones. . .

We now have the bones of a roof. Tony’s parents drove out with Victoria and me yesterday evening, and Tony and Thad met us there coming home from their campout. We arrived about 5:00, and the framers were working like bees. We left at 7:30 when it got dark, and they were just beginning to pack up. They are either REALLY devoted to their craft, or are REALLY ready to be done. Either way, things look great.

Front of the house

We have three decorative dormers. . .there will be lots of light in the attic.

The craft room is in the front of the house.

Back of the house

Back porch

Victoria sitting on the kitchen counter sawhorse. My mother’s kitchen counter had a sway in it from all of the kids and grandkids (particularly my nephew and me) sitting on it for years.

When the nail gun gets low, the workmen just toss the last of the nails and refill. Thad was trying to help them out by putting all of the tossed nails on the future kitchen bar top. I have a feeling this is not the last time Thad’s “treasures” will end up there.

Stephanie sent us a wonderful package, and in it were these head lamps for the kids. They LOVED them and wore them even before it got dark.


2 thoughts on “Dem Bones, Dem Bones, Dem House Bones. . .

  1. stephanie

    Hurray for headlights! Also now when you come to Arkansas on vacation (though it may be hard to leave a brand new house and go on vacation, sigh…) they can wear those headlights when we take y’all spelunking 🙂

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