Sorpresa/Zut Alors/Overraskning/Bất ngờ/Surprise!!!!

When we ran out to the property this afternoon (after nearly an entire week of rain) we certainly did not expect to see this. (Click on photos to make larger–sorry Stephanie, didn’t know how to get the two little dots over the o’s.)

Hardie plank on our house!!!!!!! We had been expecting just some wood sheathing. The house will be painted what Tony calls “white.” He does the little finger quotes along with an eye roll–and sometimes a “harumph.” That’s because there was really NO pure white from which to choose, and they were HARD AND FAST on the colors they would put on the exterior. We got the whitest white they had, but Tony says when we have to paint the house we are going to look until we find a white exterior paint called “God’s Glory.” That is the kind of white he’s looking for. . .he wants you to need to wear a veil to look at our house.

Front porch. . .

Back porch. . .

Through the trees. . .

I loved this picture because you can look through the front door and see out the back door.

This is Victoria’s “fairy window.” They had a LARGE window on the side of her room–which was beautiful–but took up a LOT of space. Tony and I saw this small window in another home–presented it to Victoria as a “fairy window”, and she was sold.

Our family on the front porch. Note the loveliness of my house hair/messy bun.


7 thoughts on “Sorpresa/Zut Alors/Overraskning/Bất ngờ/Surprise!!!!

  1. Kathy

    The house is coming along. Everything looks great. I think you are going to have a wonderful home to enjoy. Give Thad and Victoria a hug from us.

  2. House hair is most appropriate for seeing your house! Surprises are so good! (sometimes, I guess — I’ve been on the receiving end of some not-so-great house surprises, as you know). I’m with Tony. Why isn’t there a ‘white white’ out there? I want Tony to be the creator of “God’s Glory” white, and I will buy gallons and gallons from him.

  3. Stephanie

    Oh, how pretty! I love Victoria’s fairy window too. And the view from front door through back door. And the trees. And the house hair!

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