Ch-ch-changes. . .

We have a new realtor. The story attached to the other realtor is sort of long and protracted and littered with things that don’t quite add up. But we have a new gal. And tomorrow, someone will come and paint over my kitchen wallpaper. New Gal says so. I had feared this. I am quite sure I can imagine the reactions to my wallpaper from those who don’t think as highly of it as I do.

I, actually, love my wallpaper. It is very LauraAshleyWaverlyEarly’90’s-ish, and though it is FLOOR-UHHL and dated beyond belief, I still adore it. It was, very likely, the first time in my life I got to pick exactly what I wanted with cost not being an option–the cost was included in the price of the house, and they had about five billion samples. This one came in various color schemes–sort of winter/spring/summer/autumn. I chose the more summery of the bunch–yellow, periwinkle, pink, mauve, sage, hunter. It was and is about as “me” as you can get. Tony “let” me get the very floral paper if I agreed to NOT push the pickled oak cabinets. THANK GOODNESS I wanted the wallpaper more. . .otherwise all of the cabinetry would need to be painted as well.

Tony has called our kitchen the “Langley Studio” as I always had the kid’s “official” pictures made in front of the floral wallpaper. It was always clean–not blank and neutral. So the wallpaper is captured photographically for all time, and tomorrow Jay with the eastern European accent will come and skim coat and prime and then paint over it forever. It will be better–neutral–a blank canvas for the new owners–not offensive to prospective husbandly buyers, but underneath it will always be my ROCKIN’, pretty wallpaper.

R.I.P. lovely wallpaper–Rest In Paint.



3 thoughts on “Ch-ch-changes. . .

  1. Yes that paper is very Laura Ashley-esque. And very Roxanne-esque 🙂

    I hope your new gal finds a buyer soon.
    You are planning to spend one more Christmas there – or will your new house be finished by then?

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