The First Step of Many


I got to have a Mommy moment on Sunday morning. Thad picked up cards at church for the first time. There are “attendance cards” where we go to church. It’s a way of communication–of checking on people–of connecting with visitors–of seeing how many people were there. After the card is filled out, it goes on the end of the pew, and before the sermon, during one of the songs, boys go down the aisle and pick up the cards. These boys are normally between the ages of 7-12. It’s the first job that they get to do during the worship service. There will be other jobs–scripture reading, serving communion, song leading, public prayer, devotionals–so this is a good way to start them out. They get the “feel” of being in front of a large congregation of people with very little risk involved.

I remember the first time my brother “picked up cards.” It was quite an honor. It still is.

So, Sunday morning after communion, Tony walked Thad to the foyer to show him the ropes. He was assigned an outside aisle, and I watched–teary eyed–from the balcony as my boy took the first step of many down his (hopefully) long road of service and responsibility as part of the body of Christ. The look of pride on his face when he and his Daddy got back to our pew let me know that he understood how important that job is. . .how important he is. . .and that service to his earthly and Christian family–service to God at any age is something to cherish.

“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 23:6



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