A Walk

So, there is absolutely NO reason whatsoever for me to be in a Funk, but I am. It’s the Sunday Night Funk. It is an actual phenomena from which school teachers suffer. . .and probably everyone else who has a weekday job. It is the precursor to a Case of the Mondays. (Name that movie.)

In an effort to blow the cobwebs out, I went for a walk, and this is what I saw:

*white rose petals from a tearose bush on the concrete sidewalk
*a Red Oak that was, indeed, red
*a yellow Elm
*a Tallow tree (which Tony HATES because they drop these hard, greasy berries all over everything) that was in all of its maroon–nearly purple–autumnal glory. They may be trash trees, but the earn their place in the fall
*someone sitting beside a window in the dark
*the park that the kids and I used to frequent which was the source of this post from long ago–and evidently they’ve not fixed the water problem, because the ground was still squishy
*a garage door that was all white except for the very top panel which was tan
*the light from my own garage as I rounded the corner to head home

So I can’t say that the funk is completely gone. . .but the walk helped. Maybe my current state of mind has to do with the stack of essays I have left to grade before tomorrow since it’s the end of the 6 weeks. Hmmmmmmmmmm. . .I am thinking that Procrastination is the precursor to The Funk which is the precursor to A Case of the Mondays.


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