All Manner of Turkey Cuteness

So a couple of years ago I tore out a place card idea from a Martha Stewart Living Magazine. Victoria saw it last year and wanted to make the craft, but we didn’t have enough time. Today, however, we went to work and just look at the All the Cuteness. . .


You can find the “How To” here. Martha’s colors are a little more “sophisticated”, but Victoria did the choosing and wanted HAPPY turkeys. We got our cardstock at Hobby Lobby, then ran next door to Wal Mart for cheap yarn. The tan is sort of a mottled khaki and brown.

We did the yellow and brown, then the red and brown, but Thad wanted all three, so he did his that way, and Victoria and I both agree that the color combo is the cutest as it draws out the colors of the cardstock.

The only thing we did differently from Martha was to add a clothes pin on the back rather than the paper circle on the bottom. (And buy our yarn at Wal Mart rather than raising the sheep, sheering the wool, carding and spinning it, then dying it with plant dyes that we made from vegetables grown in our organic garden that we fertilize with the sheeps’ manure before finally serving the mutton and vegetables on the same table as the placecards that they helped to make.) That way it will TRULY stand on its own and can be reused next year if we so choose. We also used hot glue to adhere the paper turkey body and the clothes pin.


Victoria thought the turkeys needed a snack. We bought the bread at Wal Mart too.



9 thoughts on “All Manner of Turkey Cuteness

  1. Oh how sweet. I wanted to pop over on borrowed time (our computer died) to tell you Happy Thanksgiving. Blessings on you and your family. The family that crafts together stays together, or something like that.

  2. Jennifer

    Have you seen the episodes of the Martha Stewart show where she has kids helping her? Victoria and Thad so need to be on her show. They would be great, and their turkeys came out so cute.

  3. Jennifer

    To answer your question on my blog, yes, it is indeed pink, and the first thing I did when I got back to Houston this afternoon was pull it out of the box and vacuum.

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