Paint, Bricks, and Braggin’

Allow me to apologize in advance for my over usage of the suffix “-ish” in this post. I recently sent Stephanie a book called “-Ish.”

Bear with me. We are getting to the point where things actually look like something and are a color that until now only existed in my brain and on a paint chip.

Here is one of the four brick columns we have on the front porch. There will be railing between them, but for now we are just glad to see the brick. I like the brick just fine. Tony says this is the brick he’s always wanted all his life. (Sarah–can you name my slap-happy reference here? It has to do with the Woolworth’s.)


Here is the dining room paint. It is blue. It is a little bluer than a thought it would be as I bought a pint and painted it over three pieces of poster board and stuck them to our living room wall for a month to make sure it was silvery enough. It’s not as silvery as I thought, but it is a nice, dining roomish blue. We will someday have some deep reddish cherry furniture to offset the periwinkle.


This is the main paint for the majority of the interior. It’s in every living area except the craft room, dining room, utility room, and Victoria’s room. It’s sort of khaki with a greenish hue. It is a very warm, durable color, and I think it will look great in the kitchen with the white cabinets and in the living room with our furniture. As you can tell, it looks different in different light, but this first photo is closest to the actual color.


The paint AND our brick hearth.

The paint in the kitchen–it’s in the center of the house, so it’s a little dark looking.

Our master bath floor is cool. It looks like wood, but it’s ceramic tile. . .for real and for true. . .it’s tile.

This is the tile in the kids’ shower.

This is the craft room paint. At the last second, I got a little nervous and went one shade lighter on my yellow, so now it’s more of a buttery cream. I’ll live with it a while and see how I like it.

And this is Victoria’s paint. She likes to call it by name–Rain Forest. It’s a pretty pistachio and will look particularly nice with all of the pink we are about to throw in there with it. Thad’s room is Prairie Dust–very Indiana Jones-ish.


And now I must brag on my children for a moment. This is Victoria sporting her 5th grade driver’s license. Two kids were picked from each 5th grade homeroom (there are 6) to receive them. It’s basically a permanent hall pass, but you have to be chosen by your teacher, then reviewed by all of the 5th grade teachers, the administration–principal, assistant principals, counselors, and the music, art, and p.e. teachers. If they all give you the thumbs up, then you get your driver’s license. Victoria was one of the first 12 students to receive one. AND she was Good Citizen for the 2nd 6 weeks. AND she and Thad both scored a 100 on their social studies benchmark test (which is like a 6 weeks test for kids.) I’m just a little proud of ’em.



9 thoughts on “Paint, Bricks, and Braggin’

  1. It’s so pretty! Love the dark brick. I’ll be praying that a cash buyer just happens to pop by your house and happens to love it and happens to buy it post haste. That would make for a very merry Christmas.

  2. Lisa P.

    Lovin’ the colors in your new house! You’ve done a great job. Please tell Victoria “Way to go!” You should be proud of both kids. They are great!

  3. Stephanie

    And there is the famous slab, as well! Soon it will be a cozy home, with new furniture and candles warming the light in the rooms.
    I LOVE that tile floor in your bathroom. Very nice 🙂

  4. zoila

    I was looking at the pictures and I wanted to know the name and where to get that master bathroom floor that looks like wood. I am looking for that and this is one of the page that I got when I google the “tile that looks like wood”. Thanks for your help.

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