“And after this, the deluge.”

So we enjoyed our trip to Louisiana IMMENSELY. Tony and I sat (almost) perfectly still for three days while ingesting INSANE portions of ham (and for me also some deviled eggs and shrimp pasta dish my sister’s friend made that is OUT OF THIS WORLD).

Santa had to cut back on the size and number or presents this year due to the recession, you know, but the children loved what they got. Thad and Tony spent 9 solid hours (I had to MAKE the boy eat breakfast/lunch at 3:00 p.m.) putting together the super-duper Agent Lego Command Semi Central–or whatever it’s called, while Victoria has already gotten a good start on her “Do It Yourself Diary of a Wimpy Kid Book.”

For my part, other than the ham, a dog stole my shoe. It was my own fault. I was helping carry things from my sister-in-law’s car into the house, and my shoes got muddy, so I left them at Momma’s front door. They were muddy, because there is no grass near my mother’s front door. . .and no sidewalk. . .and my very own (new) front door looks much the same. AND the neighbor’s dogs run freely up and down the black-topped road. . .and that happens at my new home too.

So. I, having grown up there, should know better and it was a good reminder to bring my muddy shoes inside. Momma located it across the street on the neighbor’s front porch railing. So I have have one shoe in Texas and one in Louisiana.

Meanwhile, due to all of my wonderful rest and relaxation (and ham) I awoke at 5:44 this morning and cannot go back to sleep–which is good since I have a LOT to do. Like move.

IN TEN DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My current home does NOT look like the home of someone who is going to move in 10 days. Egads!!!!

We have a first walk-through today at the new place, and then we are going to buy a mailbox!!!!! No more community mailbox central. I am so excited. It takes very, very little to blow my hair back.

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