What Jane and I have in common

You will need to read the post below for this to make any sense what so ever, although the chances of it making sense even AFTER you’ve read the post below is still very, very small.

This has long been one of my favorite Disney clips, and I quote it as often as I can. . .which until now has been rather infrequently. . .but with the advent of the Dog/Shoe Adventure, I can now work it into conversation more often. And did, in fact, use it the day my shoe turned up missing. Just click the link, then drag the bar below to watch 6:23-6:31 if you want the EXACT spot. . .or, if you want a little Disney movie excitement, watch the whole bloomin’ thing. OR, if you are Sarah, watch from 5:50-6:50 to be reminded that not ONLY do Jane and I have a missing shoe in common, but also the ability to give completely disjointed speeches with very exuberant arm movements AND sound effects.

Tell me what ya think.

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