“Mayor. . .”

“. . .we may be attacked by a large, carnivorous bird. There is a small chance that it might be a bunny with cookies. But I wouldn’t count on it.”

We have just seen Horton Hears a Who for the firs time. HILARIOUS. And very, very timely.

2 thoughts on ““Mayor. . .”

  1. Love that movie. We saw it in the theatre. My mother-in-law just returned from New York (is that funny of what?) and got my daughter a Horton from Macy’s. If you can find one online, you should get one. He is precious!!! And they were only 15 bucks!

    PS- This Horton is the 2008 Macy’s toy. I guess they make a toy that represents their float from the parade. Never knew that before.

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