Everybody loves (the ) chicken.

Below, find my replies to your comments. Linda--There used to be two. Now there is one, and thus it shall remain until we have recovered from the past year's events. Melanie--My Daddy had a dog box. . .then it became a dog house later. Stephanie--She quit laying around the time she turned 3. As I …

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Adventures in (Chicken) Moving

"Come and listen to my story 'bout a man named Tony. He had a little chicken who had gotten rather boney. But she heard she was movin' to some digs out in the woods, so she gobbled up some groceries and was lookin' pretty good." Just strap a rocking chair to the top of the …

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True Dat

"I think it's a mark of an abundantly blessed life when you allow the little things to bug you." These words came from my friend Sarah today, and boy did they hit the mark. To read the rest of her post which includes scripture, a blessing, and an Americanized hedge hog, go here.