Everybody loves (the ) chicken.

Below, find my replies to your comments.

Linda–There used to be two. Now there is one, and thus it shall remain until we have recovered from the past year’s events.

Melanie–My Daddy had a dog box. . .then it became a dog house later.

Stephanie–She quit laying around the time she turned 3. As I told Melanie, that’s the way ye chickens of olde found themselves in a pot of dumplings. Not so in this modern age.


Jennifer–See Stephanie’s answer. . .and to answer what I think you’re asking, she DID lay eggs even without a rooster present. As Tony told his female co-workers “YOU lay an egg once a month whether there’s a ‘rooster’ around or not.” Hens lay eggs (until they get too old)–no rooster required.

Mike–I have passed your compliment on to Tony. Besides the two children (whom *I* carried and bore that look EXACTLY like him), the truck is his pride and joy.


Adventures in (Chicken) Moving

“Come and listen to my story ’bout a man named Tony. He had a little chicken who had gotten rather boney. But she heard she was movin’ to some digs out in the woods, so she gobbled up some groceries and was lookin’ pretty good.”

Just strap a rocking chair to the top of the cab, and we’re ready to move to Beverly. . .Hills that is.


I kid you not, this chicken was on death’s door just a week before we moved. Now her comb is upright and red, and she has gotten dowright sassy.



While Tony was building her new pen, she had to live in the back of the truck. It didn’t hurt her any.

And now she has a bigger area in which to scratch and cluck and generally be a hen–same as me. 🙂


We are here and happy as pigs in slop. . .or chickens in a new pen. . .but shortly after we moved in the kids came down with a viral fever. Victoria was sick from Thursday through Sunday, and Thad was sick from Monday through Friday. I thought I was coming down with it too, but a 6 hour nap yesterday seemed to have helped things all around.



Oh. My. Goodness. We have only spent about one hour in the presences of little Heather Madyson, but “it’s wuv. . .twoo wuv” for all of us. We arrived at the hospital Thursday evening about 6:00. Heather was reposing in her mother’s arms with these very bright, very alert eyes taking in all around her. I marched right into that room, leaned right over her little face, and she looked me straight in the eyes, at which point I said, “Hello, little girl. You’ve met me before haven’t you?”

And then I shamelessly took her away from her Momma without even asking permission. Luckily Christy loves me (and had also just given birth and was in a hospital gown which didn’t allow her to hop up out of the bed) and did not scream at me to give her baby back.


Here we all are including Tony and Jon’s big sister, Alisa. She and Tony look A LOT alike–much like Victoria and Thad. Notice that Victoria and I have fallen hard and fast. We care not to glam for the camera when there is a baby at which to goo and coo and wonder. Plus, she had the most piercing gaze. She was working hard to get all of those colors and shapes to form into a picture and it was just so much dadgum fun to watch.


Victoria and I are totally and completely gone.


But you haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen this man turn into a pile of Baby Uncle goo. It brings tears to my eyes to think about it. Alisa was holding Heather when it was time for Tony to have a turn, but he insisted that I give her to him. . .we have a hand-off that works. I know how he likes to hold the babies. (And yes, he is wearing a pink shirt. It was not planned but fit the occasion perfectly, and as one secretary at school commented, “It takes quite a man to pull off a pink shirt, Tony, but you are one who can do it.” I agree that he is quite a man.)

Because she is all bundled up, it’s hard to envision how tiny 5 lbs. 7 ozs. is–but take a gander at Tony’s hand in comparison to her body. I didn’t feel uncomfortable holding her, but it was kind of like holding a piece of fluff. For her light weight, she is a gangly 18 1/2 inches long, so once we get some groceries in that girl, she will fill out nicely.


Now, could someone please tell me WHY my sister-in-law looks like she did not just have a baby 28 hours earlier? Huh? Other than the stylin’ hospital gown, she looks like she’s been on vacation.


I guess it’s the same reason my husband is all fit and trim and skinny. . .and I’m not. BUT I was the one holding Heather, so who cares?

It’s a Girl!!!

And when she decided to get here, she got here fast!!! Her name is Heather Madison. Seriously. They named her Heather. She weighed 5 lbs. 7 oz. Right now she is in the NICU getting some attention to make sure that all is okay with her. We will go to see her tomorrow, and tonight I will go shopping if it kills me!!!

Here we are!

Well, the move went smoothly–wonderfully–and we are 95% moved out of the old house. Still have some of the dregs. . .things in the garage, etc. We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our new house. Once things get settled a bit, I’ll post some photos so you can see the new digs.

I am home from school today to let workmen in to fix those few, final things that must be fixed. But the BIGGEST news of the day is that my brother and sister in law are on their way to the hospital RIGHT THIS SECOND to have their baby.

We don’t know yet if it’s Heather or not–don’t know the sex–don’t even know the names–but we are all anxiously awaiting his/her arrival. Please say a prayer for Jon, Christy, and the baby. The baby has had some growth issues as Christy’s umbilical cord had only two vessels instead of three. The baby has been little the whole time, but dropped substantially in percentile from Christmas Eve to now. The original due date was February 3, so we aren’t too far off of that, but they decided to induce today.

I’ll keep you posted as we know anything.

Oh, Oh, Oh. . .and I forgot ANOTHER neat thing. This is their 3rd anniversary!!!! Another anniversary baby–that’s a good thing.

True Dat

“I think it’s a mark of an abundantly blessed life when you allow the little things to bug you.”

These words came from my friend Sarah today, and boy did they hit the mark. To read the rest of her post which includes scripture, a blessing, and an Americanized hedge hog, go here.