Back to where it all began.

In case you’ve forgotten, we are moving this week.

No. Really. Despite the lack of packing being done in my home, we are, indeed, moving.

I thought I’d remind you of the long journey you’ve walked with me and take you back about one year ago. . .
Originally published March 8, 2008

After a long, long, LOOOOOOOONG and exhaustive/ing day of house hunting/style perusing/measuring/rethinking/and picture taking, we FOUND the house. . .the PERFECT house for us. I was even able to get a photo to show you.

As you will see, it has all the rooms we need. It is also not just your ordinary box on a lot. It has character which I found WOEFULLY lacking in some of the other homes we saw.

This one just seemed to fit the bill.

One of the things I cannot WAIT to do it decorate, and I hope you will all feel free to lend me a cyber hand as I tackle the task. As we looked at empty speck homes and decorated designer model homes today, I was truly convinced the the more ideas you have the better. I would LOVE for you to leave comments regarding the types of decor you think might work in this home.

Thank you for your comments in advance. I know they will come in very handy as we now tackle the likes of Home Depot, Lowe’s, The Great Indoors, Bed Bath and Beyond and the like.

Take a look and then let me know where to start.



Tell me what ya think.

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