Here we are!

Well, the move went smoothly–wonderfully–and we are 95% moved out of the old house. Still have some of the dregs. . .things in the garage, etc. We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our new house. Once things get settled a bit, I’ll post some photos so you can see the new digs.

I am home from school today to let workmen in to fix those few, final things that must be fixed. But the BIGGEST news of the day is that my brother and sister in law are on their way to the hospital RIGHT THIS SECOND to have their baby.

We don’t know yet if it’s Heather or not–don’t know the sex–don’t even know the names–but we are all anxiously awaiting his/her arrival. Please say a prayer for Jon, Christy, and the baby. The baby has had some growth issues as Christy’s umbilical cord had only two vessels instead of three. The baby has been little the whole time, but dropped substantially in percentile from Christmas Eve to now. The original due date was February 3, so we aren’t too far off of that, but they decided to induce today.

I’ll keep you posted as we know anything.

Oh, Oh, Oh. . .and I forgot ANOTHER neat thing. This is their 3rd anniversary!!!! Another anniversary baby–that’s a good thing.


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