Adventures in (Chicken) Moving

“Come and listen to my story ’bout a man named Tony. He had a little chicken who had gotten rather boney. But she heard she was movin’ to some digs out in the woods, so she gobbled up some groceries and was lookin’ pretty good.”

Just strap a rocking chair to the top of the cab, and we’re ready to move to Beverly. . .Hills that is.


I kid you not, this chicken was on death’s door just a week before we moved. Now her comb is upright and red, and she has gotten dowright sassy.



While Tony was building her new pen, she had to live in the back of the truck. It didn’t hurt her any.

And now she has a bigger area in which to scratch and cluck and generally be a hen–same as me. 🙂


We are here and happy as pigs in slop. . .or chickens in a new pen. . .but shortly after we moved in the kids came down with a viral fever. Victoria was sick from Thursday through Sunday, and Thad was sick from Monday through Friday. I thought I was coming down with it too, but a 6 hour nap yesterday seemed to have helped things all around.


9 thoughts on “Adventures in (Chicken) Moving

  1. I am glad the hen got some new digs, too. The picture of her with the Texas stickers totally cracked me up! It reminds me of my uncle’s dog box.

    Does anyone out there know about a dog box??

  2. You haven’t lived until you’ve lived in the back of a pick-up truck. Not that I would know.
    Those are some mighty fine chicken digs! Will there be eggs in the future now?

  3. She has such a pretty little hen house! I agree. She needs a hen friend or two. More eggs! And a milking goat! Then Victoria and Thad could grow up and tell their kids stories about how Momma made them wake up at the buttcrack of dawn to milk the goat and gather the eggs and feed the boa constrictor.

  4. Jennifer

    That is too funny. I didn’t know you guys had a chicken. Does she lay eggs?

    Hope the unpacking is going well. Call me when you have a little sliver of time and we’ll go do something.

  5. Susan

    Hi Roxanne,

    Thanks for stopping by. I’ve noticed your good comments on Sarah’s blog. You’re welcome anytime!

    I wish I had a sister, but I just have a lot of sister friends. Talk with you soon.

    Susan (Lila)

  6. Linda–There used to be two. Now there is one, and thus it shall remain until we have recovered from the past year’s events.

    Melanie–My Daddy had a dog box. . .then it became a dog house later.

    Stephanie–She quit laying around the time she turned 3. As I told Melanie, that’s the way ye chicken of olde found themselves in a pot of dumplings. Not so in this modern age.


    Jennifer–See Stephanie’s answer. . .and to answer what I think you’re asking, she DID lay eggs even without a rooster present. As Tony told his female co-workers “You lay an egg once a month whether there’s a ‘rooster’ around or not.” Hens lay eggs (until they get too old)–no rooster required.

    Mike–I have passed your compliment on to Tony. Besides the two children (whom *I* carried and bore that look EXACTLY like him), the truck is his pride and joy.

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