Everybody loves (the ) chicken.

Below, find my replies to your comments.

Linda–There used to be two. Now there is one, and thus it shall remain until we have recovered from the past year’s events.

Melanie–My Daddy had a dog box. . .then it became a dog house later.

Stephanie–She quit laying around the time she turned 3. As I told Melanie, that’s the way ye chickens of olde found themselves in a pot of dumplings. Not so in this modern age.


Jennifer–See Stephanie’s answer. . .and to answer what I think you’re asking, she DID lay eggs even without a rooster present. As Tony told his female co-workers “YOU lay an egg once a month whether there’s a ‘rooster’ around or not.” Hens lay eggs (until they get too old)–no rooster required.

Mike–I have passed your compliment on to Tony. Besides the two children (whom *I* carried and bore that look EXACTLY like him), the truck is his pride and joy.


2 thoughts on “Everybody loves (the ) chicken.

  1. This is so funny. Whoda thunk chickens would inspire such chatter. I do love them, though. I’ll never get over the wonder of watching the hen lay an egg. Unbelievable that that happens every 24 hours!

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