Despite the fact that she looks JUST LIKE Tony’s brother, isn’t she pretty? I say that because I would never dare to call Jon pretty, but his girly most certainly is.


She is still teeny. That outfit is a newborn size and it swallows her. At one point when I was putting it on her, I picked her up with one hand–with no problem–and without feeling like I was going to drop her. She is, however, STRONG. Oh, my.


She was sopping wet after church, so I changed her, then her Momma fed her, then Tony held her, and that’s where she fell asleep. Then nobody else got to hold her. Tony loved it.


9 thoughts on “Pretty

  1. I saw her at church on Sunday. She is beautiful! And very definitely tiny. April and I agreed that the only time our babies were that small was in utero. 🙂 I loved all her facial expressions. Such a sweet baby girl!

  2. I saw her at church and she is very pretty. They all looked so happy. We miss you! Hope the new house is great and the new church family is as well.

  3. Beautiful baby. Miss you. Hope the house is great and that you guys are taking time to enjoy it all. I know you are BUSY. Hey, come on over to facebook. Its quick and easy.

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