A list is all I can manage

I have a post I want to write. It is, I think, a good post. The problem is that the post I have been writing in my brain for the past four weeks has EVERYTHING TO DO with why I can’t write it. So we are all alive and well (mostly), but a list is all I’ve got in me at the moment.

1. Go read this and laugh. It’s a wonderful philosophy that would do us all well to adopt.

2. We (meaning Tony and me) had job interviews today. . .at the same school. . .where we want to be. . .that is NOT 30 miles from our home like our current jobs. It’s a God thing–totally and completely. Things went GREAT, and we will hear something by Wednesday.

3. On this same glorious day (see above) we were also made a LEGITIMATE offer on our old house. We have countered. Hopefully we will know something soon.

4. We have WONDERFUL neighbors. . .a semi-professional photographer and his lovely wife who was an art teacher for years live across the street. . .two kids near Thad and Victoria’s age live around the corner. . .and a sheriff’s deputy lives across the road from them. And his wife baked us a cake.

5. Go HERE to see some of Sarah’s good things–the video alone is worth the trip.

6. I have had a cold, and I do not recommend having a job interview on a day when your lungs are not fully oxygenated. It leads to exhaustion.

7. We are blessed beyond compare. Hope the same goes for you. I promise that I will come back one day and have thoughts that are worth reading–maybe–but thanks for stopping by in the mean time.


6 thoughts on “A list is all I can manage

  1. I’ll be praying for you guys as you wait to hear about the jobs. I hope you feel better soon. BTW…I posted a response comment to your comment on my blog.

  2. Great news about your house!!! I hope they accept your counter offer, what a relief that would be.

    And, ha! I learned about your job interview over in the comments on Joshilyn Jackson’s blog! You know, it makes perfect sense in today’s busy world to keep track of our friends through blog comments πŸ™‚

    Or twitter. You can send twitters with your mobile phone!

    Feel better soon.

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