Tell me. Do you have cheese needs?

This morning was our first official pot-luck dinner where we are now going to church. I took meatballs and gravy, rice, and a lemon cake. But, I was out of lemon juice with which to make the lemon drizzle icing, so after Tony and Thad went to class, I ran over to the local grocery store to get some lemon juice.

While traversing the aisles looking for a pair of tweezers (’cause mine got lost somewhere in the move and I finally remembered to get some), I heard the following advertisement piped in with the the music.

“Brookshire Brothers has a wide variety of Hy-Top cheese to meet all of your cheese needs.”

I have, in my life time, eaten my fair share of cheese–probably MORE than my fair share, but just the phrase “cheese needs” nearly sent me into hysterics. Cheese needs, indeed.

And now for some photos. The first two are my dirty kitchen. My kitchen was very, very clean for the first two weeks in our home. . .and it’s been clean since. . .but it looks like this right now. I held the camera up very, very high so you could look DOWN upon the dirtiness.



This is Thad playing Pirate Legos while I was making a lemon cake and getting the kitchen dirty.


And, finally, Carolyn–this one is for you. You can tell Jeff that he did NOT haul the lamp to Houston in vain. We have no curtains–it doesn’t really matter as the only people who can see us are the deer. There are no street lights, so it’s black as pitch. I do hope to someday have curtains–but for now we enjoy the view.



6 thoughts on “Tell me. Do you have cheese needs?

  1. Ooooh. . . Pretty! I love the reddish floors. And the frilly chair and table set!
    You are very brave to show your new kitchen mess, even though it isn’t really all that messy, apart from the fact that it used to be shiny and new and untouched, and now it is full of meatball and lemon cake love. Also, I have those same canisters from Sears long ago, except mine are cobalt blue. They’ve followed us everywhere. Plus, “cheese needs” is possibly the best marketing lingo I’ve heard in quite some time. There.

  2. I think it is very important for things to be a little messy once in a while. This is how our houses become homes.

    And to answer the important questions: Yes. Yes, I do have cheese needs.

    Thank you.

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