Just call me Cliff

This relates. I promise. Just hang with me. (Pun intended.) If you've ever watched any PBS or "Between the Lions", then you have certainly met Cliff Hanger. Here's his blurb and a video. "Cliff Hanger The intrepid explorer Cliff Hanger stars in a continuing series of animated adventure stories. Luckily for our viewers, who may …

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Like a Fine Whine

I just keep getting better y'all. Seriously. Today I had to run to the dr. I am fine but needed to get there quick as the thing that I have can get out of control fast. During my lunch break I called for an appt. (got one for 2:30), found someone to cover my 8th …

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Another Life Lesson for an “Experienced” Teacher

I have a student. He is Hispanic. That is important not because of racial negativity--I have taught every nationality in the greater Houston area and can tell you good and bad about them all--but because many, many Hispanic males in urban areas show up to school each day with a set of issues and mores …

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