Spring Break

It’s Spring Break!!!!!! And 42 degrees, and rainy.

I am probably a FREAK of nature, but that is just fine with me, because now I don’t feel guilty for telling the children we are not going to Galveston. We would not be going to Galveston even if it were 78 and sunny, ’cause MY goal for the week is to get this house unpacked. But seeing as how it’s 42 and rainy, there is a lot less whining going on from the kiddos.

It has been another week of extremes ’round here–and not just in the weather. Mid-week I was so sick (again) that I actually left work in the MIDDLE of the day. As I was driving home, I thought, “You know, you probably could have stuck it out for a just a few more hours. I mean, if you can drive, you can sit in a chair and control a room full of 30 8th graders.” Then I thought, “Whoa! You are nearly 40 years old and you know when you need to go home and get on the couch.” Later in the day I was talking to a friend and said, “You know, women are just brutal to themselves. If we are sick we think, ‘No, no. I can still walk. I just need to sit down every few steps, but I can make it. I’ll be fine.'”

This time I came home and got on the couch thereby avoiding a much longer illness.

Tony and 7 fellas from church are on their way to our old house right now to get 55 cross ties out of our back yard. Don’t ask. I have pondered how those men feel about doing that in the cold, drizzle, but then I thought about how women will cook and clean and do laundry and hold babies when other women need help, so I guess this is the same thing.

That being said, I am about to go make a couple of chocolate cakes then grill some burgers later so I can fill their cold, hungry stomachs when they arrive around lunch time.

It’s a good day.


3 thoughts on “Spring Break

  1. Stephanie

    Be sure to take some time to ENJOY your break too, girl. I’ve done those kinds of “vacations” where I spent the whole time taking care of things, and while it’s all good, it’s not as good as taking a “real” break for a day or two also.

    YOU DESERVE a Spring Break! 🙂

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