Mom Meme

Tony does not like surveys or questions of any sort that do not have a definite answer. He does not care for the color gray–ESPECIALLY when it comes to things you are asking him. Have I ever mentioned that our children are JUST LIKE THEIR DADDY???

So, when I stole this straight from Joshilyn Jackson’s blog, I should have known it would not end well.

What it told me is that I shouldn’t pull my kids away from playing with their stuffed animal tents in the living room floor to ask them questions about me.

And that I drink a lot of Diet Coke. And that we are big on food around here.

What makes mom happy?
Thad: Diet Coke
Victoria: Diet Coke

What does your mom always say to you?
T: “I love you.”
V: “Love you.”

What makes mom sad?
T: When we do something bad.
V: Dumb students at school that you have to send down to the office a whole bunch. A student that you have to get in trouble a lot.

What does your mom do that makes you laugh?
T: *Uh. . .uh. . .* Crickets. (He once told his teacher that I wasn’t very funny.)V: When you blow raspberries on my stomach. (At this point Victoria began to cry real tears. She is VERY serious about anything she considers to be a test and REALLY wants to get the answers right ALL of the time. Her imagination is boundless, but not when it comes to tests–which this wasn’t, but she thought it was.)

What was your mom like as a child?
T: She was a country kid.
V: You liked dolls.

How old is your mom?
T: Uh. . .39.
V: 39

How tall is your mom?
T: Uh. . .20 inches.
V: 5’ 6”

What is her favorite thing to do?
T: Drink coke.
V: Arts and crafts

What does your mom do when you’re not around?
T: She’s sad.
V: Take a nap

If your mom becomes famous, what will it be for?
T: Shrugs shoulders
V: I’m not answering that question. (She was in my lap while I typed at this point and considered this a very, very gray question indeed.)

What is your mom really good at?
T: Loving me and Victoria.
V: Cooking

What is your mom NOT very good at?
T: Calling out different Lego names. Like you said armored MINER instead of armored DRILLER.
V: You’re not very good at math.

What does your mom do for her job?
T: Teach
V: Teach

What is your mom’s favorite food?
T: mashed potatoes
V: Lemon Cake

What makes you proud of your mom?
T: She’s nice.
V: You make good food.

If your mom were a cartoon character, who would she be?
T: Granny from Tweety
V: Susan from The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe

What do you and your mom like to do together?
T: Shop (He has recently been on several shopping trips with me.)
V: Work on arts and crafts things

How are you and your mom the same?
T: We both love each other.
V: We both like pink.

How are you and your mom different?
T: I’m a boy and you’re a girl.
V: She’s older than I am.

How do you know your mom loves you?
T: Because she keeps on saying “I love you” like everytime I hug and kiss you.
V: Cause it’s natural instinct.

Where is your mom’s favorite place to go?
T: Sonic to get a Diet Coke.
V: Sonic, Sonic, SONIC, SONIC!!!!!!!

Where is your mom’s LEAST favorite place to go?
T: McDonald’s
V: Pancho’s


4 thoughts on “Mom Meme

  1. SONiiiiiiiiic! 🙂

    Wow. My chiropractor would totally rain on your parade. She’s very anti when it comes to diet soda. Luckily we drink the diabetes-inducing corn syrup
    variety! We just did this same meme on Facebook. I think the cartoon character question is especially revealing.

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