How to Make Your Boy Happy

1. Rest most of Saturday and Sunday so you can actually face this mess. And believe you me, the pictures do not do it justice. It was horrific. . .but the closet is small, so you can’t actually see all of the horridness at once.



2. You find this cute (and also cheap) idea and ponder it for a while before your spring break.

3. Then you use part of it to bring order (and recycled plastic storage bins) to chaos.




4. You get a happy boy who is playing with toys he forgot he had. Which is a good way to keep him busy and out of the closet while you are cleaning and organizing.


This photo montage didn’t even include what I did to the actual bedroom–which involved moving furniture and clearing out a toy box and. . .

*Next item on the agenda: Craft room. GREAT, HEAVENLY DAYS!!!! And also egads.



5 thoughts on “How to Make Your Boy Happy

  1. I have a 24 almost 25 year old boy who’s room and the area extending out from his room makes Thad’s room look heavenly. Now I am sure I have taught my son about being tidy and cleaning up after himself but somehow he has gotten amnesia on this one thing. My only saving grace is that his room is downstairs and the only time I have to step over his “over-flow” of chaos is when I go down to do my laundry. No amount of bribes will sway him to clean up his act! Boy how I wish he would find a lovely young woman to step in, take him over (and out as in out of my home and make a home for himself) and put him in his place!!!!!!
    On another note… Roxanne, I have your very belated house warming gift I just have not got to the post office to send it out (too busy trying to persuade my son to clean up his room). It will be done this weekend so please keep an eye open in the next couple of weeks. Love and kisses to you and your family.

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