Like a Fine Whine

I just keep getting better y’all. Seriously.

Today I had to run to the dr. I am fine but needed to get there quick as the thing that I have can get out of control fast. During my lunch break I called for an appt. (got one for 2:30), found someone to cover my 8th period class (it’s from 2:30-3:15 and my dr. is 40 minutes away), got permission from our principal to leave early, ran by Tony’s room to tell him where I was going after school so he could get the kids, AND ate my sandwich.

At 1:40, I went into a computer lab to type up directions for the gal who was taking my 8th period class–then deleted them before the printer (which was supposed to be holding onto my information) died a horrible death. I realized about the same time that I did not have a cell phone, so I re-typed my lesson plans then went to get Tony’s phone. . .and then he didn’t have one. It was now 1:50, and I needed to leave IMMEDIATELY. I was on my way to the parking lot when I ALSO realized that I did not have my car keys.

So I went to get Tony’s.

I finally peel out of the parking lot at 1:58 and hurtled onto the freeway.

Where 20 minutes into my trip I realized that I had:
a) no cash
b) no check book
c) no Mastercard
d) no Discover

So. . .I opened the place where Tony ALWAYS keeps his wallet.

And it was where his cell phone and keys HAD been earlier–which was in his possession. At that point all I could do was laugh. It was too late to turn around and there was nowhere to go but to my appointment.

Luckily my nurse practitioner has known me for about 15 years–managed my two pregnancies–delivered my two babies–and passed the prescriptions or Kleenex to me more than one time. She laughed. Then diagnosed me. Then wrote “no charge” on my chart and gave me a free parking sticker.

Not bad at all.


2 thoughts on “Like a Fine Whine

  1. Stephanie

    Those fine whines always give me a headache!

    Sheesh! What a day! And what a wonderful ending. Hope you are better after the Dr and that your next many many days are a walk on the beach. On a nice pretty soft focus beach, free from hurricane debris. 🙂

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