Just call me Cliff

This relates. I promise. Just hang with me. (Pun intended.)

If you’ve ever watched any PBS or “Between the Lions”, then you have certainly met Cliff Hanger. Here’s his blurb and a video.

“Cliff Hanger
The intrepid explorer Cliff Hanger stars in a continuing series of animated adventure stories. Luckily for our viewers, who may not always watch our shows in order, each episode begins (and ends) in the same place—with our resourceful but spectacularly unlucky hero hanging from a cliff. Through a combination of quick thinking, his trusty survival manual, a backpack filled with every necessity, and, yes, literacy skills, our hapless adventurer once again manages to get off the cliff. But after a series of unexpected twists (naturally involving our key words and sounds), our man Cliff always ends up back where he began—hanging from a cliff.”

Remember the “mountain top” experience that *I* had with R____o the other day? Well, let’s just say today I was hanging from the cliff again. But not with him–with some other kids. With 150 of ’em each day, there’s always another Yahoo waiting in the wings you know.

If you will run over to Antique Mommy’s place and leave a comment, she will sign you up for a drawing to win a “mountain top” experience.

Below is the comment *I* left just a little while ago. . .

“Okay. . .so if you’ve read my blog in the past couple of days you know that I have: lost a Mastercard (it’s not next to the seat in my car either), lost a Discover card, gone to the “female” dr. for an unpleasant event, figured out on my way there that I had no cash, no check, and no Mastercard OR Discover card with which to pay my bill or get out of the parking garage, forgot my cell phone at home, forgot my keys at home (difficult I know), and today I found out that the job I wanted no longer exists (though I am really grateful for the one I currently have), a substitute AND a room full of 8th graders laughed (serious “You-are-such-an-idiot” laughter) at me for trying to get them to behave (after that I left the true idiot sub in there to fend for himself, and his days are numbered as three of us on the same hallway ratted him out without even consulting each other), AND I walked boldy into the restroom at McDonald’s only to greeted by a urinal cake. . .and you don’t find THOSE in the WOMEN’S restroom.

So. I’m not so sure how the whole internet/web/tour thing works, but I need a whole lotta sumpin’ so sign me up, sister.”

As mentioned in my comment, the job in our nearby district did not work out. They are losing rather than gaining teachers. Alas, I AM among the employed, so I will soldier on with the job God’s given me and be glad for it.

And I’ll also look at the door in McDonald’s before I walk into the restroom next time.

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One thought on “Just call me Cliff

  1. That’s great! My last post is titled Cliffhanger! What an awesome coincidence 🙂

    And don’t worry about the job. It wasn’t meant to be this time around, but keep trying. I know the right thing will happen at the right time, as all is right with the world. And you are surely needed where you are at the moment.

    BTW. I don’t know what a urinal cake is, and I don’t think I want to know… but I can only imagine the search hits you may end up getting!

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