One Proud Scout


I have told you before that Tony is an Eagle Scout. This is, aside from siring his children and being elligible for his University of Houston class ring, one of the most important, tangible things he’s accomplished in his lifetime.

Thad became a Tiger Cub this year. He is very proud of what he’s accomplished as are we all. He’s had a great time, and scouts is just a good thing. Tonight he and Tony participated in the Father Son Cake Bake. Traditionally the cakes have been sold as a fund raiser, but Thad’s particular pack decided to donate the cakes to community leaders this year.

As luck would have it, we live down the road from a Sheriff’s Deputy, so we called to offer him Thad’s cake. He was at a community board meeting tonight at the volunteer fire station, so all of the community leaders–a police officer, a couple of firemen, the fire chief’s wife, and some other people we couldn’t identify–got to eat cake.

Thad with some community leaders:  a nurse, Deputy Gary, and Fireman Grady
Thad with some community leaders: a nurse, Deputy Gary, and Fireman Grady

Thad won the golden spoon trophy for “Tiger Cub Best in Theme.” (The theme was Jurassic Park.)

Thad and the Golden Spoon for Best in Theme Tiger Cub
Thad and the Golden Spoon for Best in Theme Tiger Cub

It was a family effort. He and his Daddy really DID bake the cake together. I took stuff to make icing to school today and whipped up some cream cheese frosting in Tony’s science classroom (he has counters and sinks) during my planning time, then helped Thad to decorate the cake after school. Thad really got into using the grass tip. He did the stars for the dino’s body with some guidance–went a little amok with the grass tip with some guidance–but the clouds were all his own.

Thad's Cake
Thad's Cake

6 thoughts on “One Proud Scout

  1. Great job, Thad! Did you know Robert was a Cub Scout all the way through 5th grade? He earned his Arrow of Light about a year ago. I wanted him to do Boy Scouts, but I had to force him through the last year of Cub Scouts and I. was. done. 🙂 Scouting is wonderful, though. He’s going to have a fantastic experience.

  2. I forgot to tell you that the girls saw those pics the other night and were totally blown away by Thad’s cake-making prowess. They watched an hour of little instructional videos on icing last week, so they really appreciated his finesse with the icing bag. 😉

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