Mother Daughter Luncheon 2009: No Grass Needed

The first thing that inspired me to have a Mother & Daughter Luncheon each year was Tony’s gorgeous yard. It was always so verdently green and lovely that it was a shame to not share it.

Verdently green, manicured lawn at old house

Verdently green, manicured lawn at old house

We had no grass this year. In fact, the lack of grass plus our sprinkler system plus torrential rains at the beginning of the week had grown some equally verdent slime on parts of our dirt. I was thinking if people squinted that it might take on the APPEARANCE of grass. Alas, I had Tony rake over it to till it into the dirt.

So this year there was no grass–but there was a MUCH bigger kitchen which was worth the loss of grass. We ended up putting the tables in the blazing sun (lesson learned), and I already knew having it in May was probably going to be hot. Right on that.

I have been trying all night to get these photos into a post, and they ended up in gallery form, so just click on them to see them larger. I have to tell you that my son was so excited to get to attend this year that he lowered himself to wear a pink shirt. He REALLY wanted one that said, “Tough boys wear pink”–even though I told him I think the saying is “Tough GUYS wear pink.” He STILL insists that it’s “boys.” Momma and Victoria and I searched high and low but couldn’t find one for him. We DID find a pink shirt with a skateboarder, so he settled.

I must also tell you that the little girl in the chair with him is a friend from church–Chloe. We have never teased Victoria and Thad about boyfriends and girlfriend. Our kids just like to PLAY–and it doesn’t matter if you’re a boy OR a girl, if you’re up for playing then come on! But I think Chloe MIGHT just have her cap set for my little man. She’s LUCKY that I think she is cute as a button and love her to death.


5 thoughts on “Mother Daughter Luncheon 2009: No Grass Needed

  1. HAPPY!!! That looks like so much fun! And the white chocolate flowers are way prettier than I imagined them the first time you mentioned them. So cute!!

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