Happy Mother’s Day

Nana, Victoria, MaMaw

Nana, Victoria, MaMaw

We were blessed today to have BOTH of our mothers/grandmothers with us. It’s been about 13 years since I got to spend Mother’s Day with my mother. I cooked roast and gravy and rice and corn casserole and Sister Schubert’s drug-laced rolls, and we had a MEAL. My day was all I wanted and more. I know that there are many who want to be mothers who aren’t, or have lost their mothers, or had mothers that weren’t all they should have been. I am thankful every day for the blessing of Godly mothers in my own life–those whose blood runs in my veins and those who just loved me because they did–and still do.

Love this photo!!!

Love this photo!!!

(Had to fiddle with this one some. . .just don’t look at my mom’s jacket very closely.)

And TONY is really thankful that he married someone who is not above supplying her own token of appreciation. 🙂 Don’t you love my gift!!! It’s JUST PERFECT. . .EXACTLY what I wanted!!! HOW did he know???

My present

My present


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