Lessons I have learned


In about 6 weeks I will turn 40. It is one of my dearest hopes that I will have, at the very least, another 40 years on this planet to enjoy my wonderful marriage and my incredible children and my glorious life. I am well aware that I don’t know SQUAT about a lot of things, but, as my mother has told me before, I pay attention. I’m not really into rebellion, disobedience, pain, or the consequences that come from such. I was not–and am not–one to cave into peer pressure. If I find myself in a learning situation that is painful, I’ll bite the bullet and feel the pain every time so I can learn and be better prepared for it to happen again OR learn not to make the same mistake twice. If you have been through a life lesson and are willing to share what you’ve learned with me, then I am more than happy to listen AND take notes so I don’t have to learn that very same lesson completely on my own from scratch or, better yet, at all. I’m more than happy to take your word for it. I am also, for the most part, a people pleaser. I want to be all things to all people on all occasions and there we have

Lesson #1. . .that is impossible. I can barely please all three of the people who live in my house on a daily basis–two of whom walk around carrying half of my DNA in their molecular structure, so the rest of the planet will just have to take a number. And I’ve had to get over the fact that I can’t always make everyone happy (even though I still try to).

Lesson #2. . .if every fiber of your being screams that you shouldn’t do something, then it’s very likely that you SHOULD NOT do it.

Lesson #3. . .intuition is a gift from God–it should not be relied on completely in all situations, but it is a gift that should be honed and a counselor that should be consulted when it starts knocking at your door.

Lesson #4. . .people will ALWAYS suprise you. Sometimes it’s a good surprise, and sometimes it’s a bad one.

Lesson #5. . .(I tell my students this EVERY year) 10% of the people cause 90% of the problems.

Lesson #6. . .everyone looks at life through their own lense, and it is shaped by their own experiences and how they perceive the world to be.

Lesson #7. . .(from Mike Cope when he was the preacher at College church in Searcy) many things are like eating fish. You need to eat the meat and throw away the bones.

Lesson #8 (from my mother–some of the last words she spoke to me before leaving me in the dorm my freshman year). . .people find what they are looking for. If they are looking for the bad, that is what they will find. If they are looking for the good, that is what they will find.

Lesson #9. . .(also from my mother and one I am ignoring spectacularly at this moment) sometimes you just need to use your good, common sense and go to sleep.

Lesson #10. . .as much as people DON’T want to believe it, Harry was right. Men and women CANNOT be friends. I have men whom I call “friend” and with whom I am on friendly terms, but I cannot truly have, nor do I NEED to have, a close friendship with them. Nor should I have a close friendship with any man that does not include AT EVERY STEP OF THE WAY IN ALL SITUATIONS my husband’s full knowledge of the relationship and all of its terms.

I am FINE. We are all FINE. Nothing is wrong, but if you care to know WHY I felt it necessary to write such a list then feel free to leave a comment. I’ll e-mail you the somewhat cryptic yet explanatory details. I have just been reminded recently of when and where and how I learned those lessons in one, fell swoop. I’m not so much writing them for your benefit as I am for Victoria and Thad’s and to be reminded–again–that what others intend for harm, God uses for good.


2 thoughts on “Lessons I have learned

  1. Wise words. At whatever age we get all this through our sometimes-thick heads, life gets easier, in a manner of speaking. Of course, if it were easy, what would be the fun in it??

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