Cute Stuff

I didn’t make this, but I TOTALLY plan on making one like it very soon. While looking around tonight I found THIS blog. Go. There. Very. Cute.

pink frame fabric

I’m back in the craft room pulling everything out of the closet (and that’s A LOT) so I can actually get things where they belong so I can actually use the place. . .anyway. . .in honor of craftiness (the good kind), take a look at these precious ideas (seen above) from a crafty, crafty gal.

Cute, easy frame (scroll down towards the bottom of the post to see the frame and technique, although all her little fabricy things are precious too)

And another. . .

Easy applique. . .and if you frame it, there’s no sewing needed

To see more of her adorable designs, go to her Flickr account. She has got some seriously cute things.

And she uses fabric designed by this gal in this studio. . .
Isn’t this GORGEOUS????

Here is a great, little page that has a ton of free templates. You can make matchboxes or playing card sized boxes, or cake piece boxes in whatever paper or card stock you like. Cool.

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