While in Galveston

Galveston Island

Galveston Island

On Tuesday of last week, I had a mini nervous breakdown of sorts. I found out that the last door (of which I am aware) to a job in the district closest to our new home was slammed in my face much like the nanny-hiring scene of Mary Poppins. That being the case, I am still very much employed. And I am thankful. But my current/old district wants me to take three days of training this week to do something I don’t really want to do, therefore, as of tonight when I go to bed, my summer is pretty much over.

So I fell apart. Then I developed a plan of action. Then we went to Galveston. My in-laws have a little house about a block off the seawall–nothing fancy but handy as all get out with it’s kitchen and bathroom and beds and all. It also has an air conditioner which they declined to use (they were there too) as the breeze was “so cool” (at the end of July in Texas) and they were doing some work inside.


So day one was hot, but good. . .we all got a little sunburned but not horribly so. The morning of day two with it’s “cool” breeze dawned hot and humid, so we set off to the beach again. And that is when I tripped over a brick that had become dislodged in the walkway of the house, and fell, and really, truly, totally messed up my ankle. And skinned my knee. I had to sit for a moment to make sure the ankle was not broken. I determined that it was not, and would have sat longer, but the fire ants that came to check on me gave me some encouragement to get up quickly. The rest of the weekend was spent with my ankle propped up being lovingly iced by a bag of frozen peas on top and a bag of frozen corn underneath. I am still limping.

In an amongst all of the sweating and icing and breeze enjoying, we played dominoes, went to eat at Tortuga’s, rode the ferry to the Bolivar peninsula and back, drove down to the west side of the island, went to happy hour at Sonic twice, ate popcorn and generally had a fun time.

AND I turned 40. I’ve had several people ask how I feel about that, and the true, honest answer is that I don’t care one single bit. It was another day to love on my family and laugh at the funny things they say and do. The only thing I found ironic was that I turned 40 with a skinned knee, and that is SO par for any course I’m on. That sort of brings the 4 decades of my life into sharp focus. As long as I get to enjoy it with these monkeys, I’ll take the clumsiness any day.


Pretty to look at--painful to comb out.

Pretty to look at--painful to comb out.


Pink cheeks. . .beach hair. . .ready to run errands with Mommy.

Pink cheeks. . .beach hair. . .ready to run errands with Mommy.

The girl was exhausted after day one in the waves.

The girl was exhausted after day one in the waves.

Thad on the front porch

Thad on the front porch


4 thoughts on “While in Galveston

  1. You’re always just full of adventures aren’t you, lady. I’m sure whatever/wherever you teach you’ll be fabulous at it, but just the same I’ll be praying something miraculously opens up close to home!

    Loving the new pictures! Isn’t it fun having an awesome, clicky camera?? The first time I pressed the shutter button I fell in love. šŸ™‚

  2. Makes you feel alive, all the busted ankles, breezes, inlaws and job dealings! Yay life! I am sure God is keeping you right where he wants you for now, good thing you have a new car with good MPG.
    I love the picture of Victoria with the kite. Great idea getting the shot from below like that – intentionally or not, it turned out perfect. I also like the picture of her in the bed – made me think of some of the personal photographs taken by Annie Leibovitz of her family šŸ™‚

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