So. I am not the most graceful person around. I make no apologies OR excuses. But, today I bought a bike.

I LIVED on my bike when I was a kid. . .I had a light blue banana seat to start with, then moved up to a red Schwinn cruiser when I was in jr. high. I rode up the hill to my friend’s house, around the yard, along a trail in the woods, and to the convenience store at the end of the road. I. was. on. that. bike. But I haven’t touched one since I got out of college pretty much. Now that we have a lovely circular bike track. . .I mean driveway. . .and a black-topped road with VERY little traffic, Tony and I decided we wanted to ride bikes with the kids.

These bikes will not win any awards for snazziness or speed, but boy, oh boy, did we EVER have some fun riding them this afternoon. Mine is sort of a cerulean blue. . .lovely. . .but she needs a name. And a basket. I’ll take a picture of our very own Cruisers soon, but I borrowed someone else’s picture to show you what they look like.

These belong to somebody else, but they are what ours look like.

These belong to somebody else, but they are what ours look like.


8 thoughts on “Cruisin’

  1. What fun! If there is one thing that I would like to do again it’s ride a bike! I have seriously thought about getting one with training wheels because of my balance problem!

  2. Awesome!! I am so happy for you – and you definitely need a basket 🙂 My workplace has provided bikes just like those (VERY similar) for us to use – and there’s a trail that runs along the creek behind the building. I’ve only gone a couple of times, but it’s getting nice enough now that a ride may be a great break again. Love bike riding!

  3. I’ve always wanted a cruiser bike!! Something about them is just really fun and romantic.

    Found your blog through PW’s confessions. My comment was right after yours and I noticed we share the same name^_^

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