Fungi, Flora, and Lichen

We still have no grass in our “yard.” I used that term “yard” very, VERY loosely. We have dirt. We have weeds. We have lichens and fungi. We have FLOWERING weeds. We have weeds that do a fine IMPERSONATION of grass but not a blade of real, live (in Tony’s book ONLY St. Augustine qualifies) grass.

We still, however, have beauty. And yesterday morning I went in search of it WHILE wearing a sweatshirt. Bliss. Here is what I found. Click on the pictures to see closeup.


6 thoughts on “Fungi, Flora, and Lichen

  1. In Swedish the word for “leaf” is löv, and it’s pronounced like “love,” so the first word that came to mind when I saw all these pictures was: “Lövely!” Hee hee! Very nice pictures, and it’s so fun to find beauty everywhere. (Having fun with your camera, no!?)

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