Have the specialtea

Tea shop front

Our wonderful neighbors had told us about a little house that sold food “up the road.” Turns out it’s less than a quarter mile, so we hopped on our bikes and sallied forth. It was a nice day–cool and a little overcast. Perfect weather for the menu.

They serve soup d’ jour (it was seasoned pinto bean that day–really good) and a slab of cornbread for $2.50. The kids got Belgian waffles–2, homemade with strawberry glaze OR maple syrup, fresh cut strawberries, and fresh whipped cream WITH pink sprinkles for Victoria. $3.50. That’s right, home-cooked food for all four of us, $12.00. AND bike ride. AND really, really cute decor–your general teacups, etc. but also lots of family mementos and framed advertisements from days gone by.

One of the proprietor’s, Joan, lived in the house until she was 12. They moved it from Houston to the country, stripped all the wallpaper, linoleum, vinyl, and other detritus to reveal the gorgeous pine wall boards and floors inside, and painted the outside a WONDERFUL shade of red. She put some of the old textiles in a shadow box–one of my favorite features–and has several small albums of the “redo” on a table for customer perusal.

We were all enchanted.

Tea shop sign

I got permission from the owners to post the photos and sign (free advertising for people in the area), but here is their website.

It was a LOVELY day.


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